The Elite Skirmisher is the quickest counter to Ranged class units aside from the Onager Line. Cheap and quick to make, an army can quickly bring Skirmishers to the battle if an opponent's Ranged units are overwhelming. Having high Pierce Armor and bonus damage versus Ranged class units, they easily defeat archers and spearmen.

Unit Class

Age Available 
Attack (Type)3 (Pierce)
Melee Armor0
Pierce Armor4
Speed0.96 TPS

Attack Rate

Creation Speed22s
Line of Sight7
Attack Bonuses

+3 vs Spearman Line

+4 vs Ranged Class
+6 vs Cavalry Archers

Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:



Elite Skirmisher


Britons: Created 20% faster (Team bonus)

Byzantines: Cost 25% less

  • Skirmishers have 3 bonus attack against Spearmen Line units.
  • Skirmishers have 3 bonus attack against all ranged class units.
  • Have a 1-tile minimum range.

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Technologies & Upgrades


Attack and Range:

 Fletching: +1 attack and range (Feudal Age).

 Bodkin Arrow: +1 attack and range (Castle Age).

 Bracer: +1 attack and range (Imperial Age).

Total attack and range: +3 attack and range


 Padded Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Feudal Age).

 Leather Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Castle Age).

 Ring Archer Armor: +1 melee and +2 pierce armor (Imperial Age).

Total melee and pierce armor+3 melee and +4 pierce armor


 Chemistry: +1 attack (Imperial Age).

 Ballistics: Provides accuracy for moving objects (Castle Age).


 Conscription: Non-siege military units created 33% faster (Imperial Age).

 Yeomen: Foot Archer range +1, Tower attack +2 (Britons, Imperial Age).

Use in Combinations

Strong counter to Ranged units. Weak to most units if not protected.