The Monastery produces only one unit, Monks, except for the Spanish who can train Missionaries. The military aspects of Monks are their conversions and healing ability. Monks are capable of converting enemy units to their side. Siege Units and Buildings are unlocked for conversion after their respective researches.



Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:




All Civilizations except Spanish

Aztecs: Monks gain +5 HP for each Monastery Research acquired.

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Technologies & Upgrades


Atonement: Monks convert enemy Monks (Castle Age).

Block Printing: Monk conversion range +3 (Imperial Age).

Faith: Conversion resistance of all of a player's units +50% (Imperial Age).

Fervor: Monk speed +15% (Castle Age).

Herbal Medicine: Increases the healing rate of units garrisoned inside buildings x4 (Castle Age).

Heresy: Prevents enemy monks from converting your units (Imperial Age).

Illumination: Monk conversion point recovery goes 50% faster (Imperial Age).

Redemption: Monks can convert enemy buildings (Castle Age).

Sanctity: Monk Hit Points +50% (Castle Age).

Theocracy: only one monk loses conversion points when operating in group (Imperial Age).




Creation Speed: Conscription: Monks train 33% Faster (Imperial Age).


Use in Combinations

Useful to defend against knights or collect relics.

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