A very cheap and strong archer unit with good pierce armour and high hitpoints for an archer. It builds very easily and is quick also making it easy to harry the enemy with raids. They are very cost efficient and effective against all archers and win duels against expensive units with better statistics.


Ranged Unit
Age Available
Attack (Type)5 (Pierce)
Melee Armour0
Pierce Armour1
Speed1.20 TPS

Attack Rate

Creation Time16s
Line of Sight6
Attack Bonuses

PT, +1 Swordsman line

, +3 Spearman line

Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:



Plumed Archer

All Civilizations except Mayans


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Technologies & Upgrades

Archery Range

 Thumb Ring: 100% accuracy for stand-still objects and units (Castle Age).


Attack and Range:

 Fletching: +1 attack and range (Feudal Age).

 Bodkin Arrow: +1 attack and range (Castle Age).

 Bracer: +1 attack and range (Imperial Age).

Total attack and range: +3 attack and range


 Padded Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Feudal Age).

 Leather Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Castle Age).

 Ring Archer Armor: +1 melee and +2 pierce armor (Imperial Age).

Total melee and pierce armor+3 melee and +4 pierce armor


Conscription: Non-siege military units created 33% faster (Imperial Age).

Use in Combinations

they usually act as meat shield


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