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As a Level 2 Moderator, one of the enforcement privileges available is the /mute60 command. This command allows you to mute a particular user, Voobly-wide, for a period up to an hour. To use this command you would use it as any other force privilege.

e.g. /mute60 Bill reason

Issuing that command would prevent a user named Bill from talking in any of the lobbies of Users who are muted could still Voobly Message a user, and muted users can still play games on


To utilize the boot5 command, keep the same format as the simple boot command. Type in the command, followed by the user name you wish to remove.

e.g. /boot5 Bill reason

This command will remove Bill from the entire site for a total of five minutes, after which time, Bill can again access Again, abuse of this privilege will result in revocation of your Moderator status.


Much like all of the other commands, you have to type in the command name, followed by the user name. Use of /boot60, however, also requires that you enter in a reason for booting a user from for a day.

e.g. /boot60 Bill abusivereason

This will effectively remove a user named Bill from for a period of one hour. The reason why he was booted is because he was abusive-as you recall, abuse on is grounds for removal from the site.