Moderator Orientation: Introduction and Voice

Welcome to the most exciting community program available on the web today. By becoming a Moderator, you have chosen to help make an even more enjoyable place to play online games. As a Moderator, you will have privileges on in addition to being recognized in lobbies to help make a better place. Voobly players will recognize you as a "go to" person when they have questions and concerns. You will have the opportunity to help contribute to the community and help make it a fun place for everyone. Moderators are "the voice" of’s community and through their participation, they make a visit to a phenomenal and unique experience.

The Moderator program our way of recognizing you, the active community members that make up the heart and soul of this thriving gaming community. Moderators are able to help in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Create a positive environment in all chats
  • Help fellow users with everyday gaming and technical questions
  • Enrich their affiliated Committees (Moderator committees tailored to specific areas of interest)
  • Assist members in finding the information they need
  • Encourage others to have as much fun as they possibly can by setting positive community examples and by sharing their dynamic personalities with other members

The Moderator program is designed and structured to allow you to find a richer experience online. Whether that means you find yourself assisting others in the Help Rooms, or if it is playing games with first time Voobly players, or something completely different, the choice is up to you!

Again, welcome to the best online team on the Web!

Here is a quick summary of what we will go over in this orientation:

  • Orientation
  • Chapter Links
  • Moderator Core Values
  • Moderator Organization
  • Moderator Requirements
  • Time Requirements
  • How the Moderator Program Works
  • Moderator Communication
  • Your Most Important Privilege – Voice

Moderator Core Values

The core values for the Moderator program are as follows:

  • Respect for all individuals
  • Consideration for all individuals
  • Plays well with others

Respect for all individuals

Regardless of who you are, where you are from, and what you know, the community on is quite varied. It is understandable that misunderstandings or miscommunications may occur from time to time. Regardless of your own thoughts, feelings and involvement on a particular matter, respect for all individuals must be upheld at all times. You do not have to agree with everyone, but at the very least, all individuals in the community must be treated with dignity and respect.

Consideration of others

“The Voobly player always comes first,” is one way to look at this core value. Think back to when you were first on Might have been a bit confused, might have been a bit wary of the whole place. Slowly but surely though, you began to get a feel for what the place was all about and someone with a friendly face helped you find your bearings.

Well, that is what being considerate of others is all about. Everyone on wants to play games, and we have to recognize that fact, and be considerate of it. Are you helping users to play a game online, or are you hindering it? Just something to think about as you step into the role of a Moderator.

Helping each other out

One of the best things about the Moderator program is that everyone, with such varied experiences and knowledge, shares with each other. The Moderator program would not be as vibrant and exciting were it not for the willingness of Moderators to share what they know with one another. Each of us – from the seasoned veterans, to the new enrollees—we all have something to learn, and we all have something to offer.

Moderator Organization

When you fill out the enrollment form, you will indicate one committee you are interested in affiliating with, based on your personal areas of interest on The Moderator program is sub-divided into committees to allow users to affiliate with areas where they would like to help. Each committee has a lead, and they are responsible for answering any questions that you may have about the Moderator program. Below are the names of these groups and a brief description of each of them.

While the committees are based on "subject areas" the committee that you belong to does not indicate what you choose to do on -- that is for you to decide. Rather, the committee structure provides you with a consistent, primary resource for just about any issue. Regardless of the "subject area" of the issue, your lead can assist you with your question, comment or concern. Upon enrollment, Moderators are asked to affiliate with one committee to establish their primary point of contact.

Additional Authoritative Contacts

We encourage you to learn from other Moderators, however please remember that there are some issues which necessitate a Lead's discretion and should not be shared with other Moderators. Such issues include, but are not necessarily limited to questions, comments or concerns about another Moderator, tokens, or otherwise private, individual matters. Remember that you can always email [email protected] for additional assistance.

Moderator Requirements

Participation in the Moderator program is open to all Voobly members of every skill level – gaming newbies and aficionados alike. But, in order to enroll into the Moderator program, you need to be a "member in good standing." Please note, the definition of "a member in good standing," for the purposes of the Moderator enrollment is a little different than that of what is listed on the My Voobly page.

Specifically, to be a Moderator, the following must be true:

  • Your desired Moderator name does not violate the terms listed in the Code of Conduct for, nor does it indicate an affiliation with a team/clan/group
  • You have not been banned from in the last several months
  • You have been a member of for several months
  • You do not currently have a Moderator name
  • You have not been recently issued any mute or boot days
  • You are at least eighteen years old

Other than that, all you need to become a Moderator is a love of gaming, the desire to lend a helping hand, and the wish to help make the Voobly the greatest gaming community on the Web.

Remember—the Moderator community is for everyone. Regardless of your background, skill level, or gaming experience, the Moderator program is for you. Furthermore, the Moderator program allows you to choose whatever Committee you will feel most comfortable in and where your primary interests lie—be it general help, technical help, specific games, or tournaments.

Time Requirements

There is no specified time commitment for being a Moderator. Spend as much or as little time as you like. Your level of involvement depends entirely on you! We want this to be fun and enjoyable for you!

Please note, as the Moderator program is a means to recognize you, the active community members, tokens drop off periodically due to inactivity. To ensure that this does not happen, it is recommended that you access your Moderator account often, approximately every month. Should your token drop off, it can be reinstated, but it is not guaranteed if this is a frequent occurrence.

How the Moderator program works

The Moderator program is divided into 4 Levels or privilege levels.  These levels are described below:

  • Level 1 - When you first enroll in the Moderator program, you will receive a "+" before your name. However, you will not receive any privileges such as mute or boot. During this period, you will get a chance to meet the other Moderators in your Committee, make some friends, and become familiar with the way other Moderators handle user situations.
  • Level 2 - Approximately 60 days after you initially enrolled in the program, you will be moved to Level 2. At Level 2, you will have privileges available to you that may choose to use in order to help you assist other Voobly players. These privileges and their uses are explained later on in this orientation.
  • Level 3 - Four months after you initially enrolled in the program, you can request to be moved to Level 3. You WILL NOT be moved automatically. There is a separate Level 3 orientation that you can review after you have requested your new level. At Moderator Level 3, you will receive several additional privileges.
  • Level 4 - Six months after you initially enrolled in the program, you can request to be moved to Level 4. You WILL NOT be moved automatically. There is a separate Level 4 orientation that you can review after you have requested your new level. At Moderator Level 4, you will receive several additional privileges. 

Your Most Important Privilege – Voice

As a Moderator you will have privileges available to you to help you make  the best gaming site possible. With these privileges however, there comes an added level of responsibility. If it is determined that any privileges were abused, as described by's Code of Conduct, the membership in the Moderator program will be revoked. Furthermore, Moderators are subject to the same Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, as with all Community Members. If a Moderator violates either the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use, they will be dealt with as any other user, and their status as a Moderator can be revoked.

The only privilege you will have as a Level 1 Moderator is your Voice. You will receive a "+" before your name to denote membership in the Moderator program.


Your Voice is the most important privilege available. Your Voice can help you mediate situations, help users, and make new friends! Voice is manifested by what you type on the screen while on As people cannot hear the intonations of your actual voice, what you type online is very important, for that is what users will see. For example, short, curt, one word replies are often perceived as being rude, online. Likewise, typing in all CAPITAL LETTERS is considered rude, as that is the online equivalent to shouting. When interacting with users online, it is best to avoid behaviors that are considered rude – remember that you, “Catch more flies with honey” :-)

Your Voice is how you present yourself to other Voobly players. Are you the chatty/friendly type or are you terse and gruff with your responses? Do you make others relaxed when you talk with them or are other users up tight and silent when you are around?  These reactions by Voobly players are totally dependent on your Voice.

Another way of thinking about Voice is that it is a way of explaining to a user why a particular behavior is objectionable in attempt to stop that particular action. Often times, if a person realizes that a certain action is “bad” they will no longer continue that behavior. One thing to remember, try and be specific as to why a particular action is objectionable. For example, when trying to use your Voice with a flooder, you could explain that flooding is bad because it prevents other users from interacting with one another and also prevents them from finding others to play against in a certain game.

Not only will use of Voice be helpful in stopping objectionable behavior, by educating users as to why their actions are contrary to the Code of Conduct, you will be helping to prevent future infractions. This serves to “save the Voobly player” and it helps to make the overall experience on, better for all users.

When interacting with other users on, it is best that you be yourself. As you already know, it is often easy to distinguish between those users who are telling the truth and those feeding you a line. People will appreciate your honesty and openness with them. Of course, you should only engage other users as determined by your own comfort level and your personal willingness to interact. Set your own boundaries and others will respect them.

Remember that as a Moderator, if you so choose, you can assist other Voobly players with their inquiries and questions to the best of your ability. If you are uncomfortable with a particular situation, or unsure of how to respond to a user, do not hesitate to ask other Moderators or the Voobly administrators, since they are there to assist you and all users.

To get additional tips on how to use your voice, it is best to interact with other Moderators. For more information, contact your department lead.


Along the same lines as your VOICE, it is important to have respect for everyone on, regardless of perceived age, race, religion, Moderator status, etc. While there are certainly many differences among all the Voobly players, we are all united by the passion for gaming. If users perceive disrespect from you, your experiences online will not be very pleasant. You can be guaranteed that they will tell one of their friends, who in turn tells one of their friends, and pretty soon, you have a whole group of people making your online experience difficult. Remember that respect leads to respect, and disrespect leads to disrespect. If you are trying to make the online gaming experience better for all users, treat everyone with equal respect, and in turn, you will experience the same.

Rough Rooms

If you have been on for awhile, you are probably thinking, “Respect is all fine and good, but what about all those rough rooms where the users hate any sort of authority figure?” Indeed, that is a very good question, as there are certain groups of users who have it in for Moderatores. In situations such as this, it is important that you keep a calm head, thick skin, and treat everyone with respect as you would in another room. It may also be a good idea to ask another Moderator to come in and assist you when trying to reason with a rough room. Not only can another person serve as an effective backup, just having a different approach to the room could help calm things down. Remember that VOICE and RESPECT will be the best privileges available to you. Gags should only be utilized in extreme cases, and boots should be used rarely, if ever. Lastly, remember that the Moderator program is to allow you to have fun and try and make a better place. If you are uncomfortable because of a certain room, by all means go to a different room, or take a break from the computer if you need to.