Swampy lowlands full of shallows and rivers that can prohibit expansionistic building.

This is one of the most unpredictable and hardest maps to play. There is not any good way to play this map. There is a considerable amount of water, but most of it is covered with crossings. The crossings create havok with walling, so you really need to be on your toes with Salt Marsh.


Walling: Walling on this map can be very tricky. You might have to do walling a little differently than normal, such as using forest as walling in addition to stone walls. Whatever it takes to get walled in, get it done!

Housing Coastlines: This is using your dock builders to build houses all the way down the coastline. Not only does this satisfy population needs, but it also serves as great radar for landings. This should be done on every water map, and even on land too.


Grush: This can be effective if you are able to wall yourself in. You can limit your enemy's territory with your galleys, and take any fish there might be.

Tranny: This strategy too could be very successful. Be careful where you land because the map is so odd you might land where you cannot inflict any damage.

Flush: This could be the best strategy to use if you cannot wall. If you are attacked on land, your economy is geared towards that type of fighting. Beware of galleys guarding crossings.

Fast Castle on Land: This also could work if you cannot wall. You will need to watch out for a possible Flush.




Credit to: aok.heavengames.com

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