Nearly all of the wood is in the center of the map, so be prepared to be chased around and around.


Walling: Walling should be done on at lease one side.

Extra Sheep: There are extra sheep on Oasis. Be sure to scout the corners to find these.


Flush: This can be done on Oasis, but walling can be simple, making Flushing risky. Its a good idea to wall the back side of your town and then fight the other way.

Fast Castle: This can be done pretty easily because walling can be simple. With both a flush and a fast castle, you need to be careful to watch both sides of the map, because an attack can come from either direction.

Boom: This is the technique of not making any military units at all, and instead focusing on your economy and defenses. Most of the time it involves turtling (creating walls around your base) to protect yourself from any attacks and raids; you need to be experienced in walling yourself in to do this, but if you're successful, you will reach the Imperial Age with a very strong economy.



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