Cliffs abound on these parched and endless steppes.

Mongolia is a very tough map to both play and scout. The forests and cliffs form strange and unusual patterns and scouting efficiently becomes very difficult.


Choke-Point Walling: Arabia is very difficult to wall completely, but walling choke-points (i.e., small openings between forests, cliffs, and the edge of the map) can be very beneficial. By walling choke-points, you can control where your opponent can go, eliminate raids, and fight only where and when you want to fight.


Flush: We normally consider any type of Feudal fighting a "flush". Typical flushes include units like skirmishers, spearmen, scouts, men-at-arms, and towers. Remember that elevation, the attack bonuses units recieve from being at a higher elevation than their opponent, is one of the most important things to remember when fighting in the Feudal Age. See the University's article on Flushing.

Fast Castle: This can be very successful on Mongolia. Key points can be walled easily, making access to your town a long ways away, or non-existant.



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