Hand Cannoneers are a special ranged unit, dealing bonus damage to all Infantry class units. Available in the Imperial Age after Chemistry has been researched, Hand Cannoneers provide a strong defense and offense against Infantry Civilizations. They have a high damaging attack but a slow attack speed and can be easily overrun by fast units so it is best to protect them with other units.


Unit Class

Age Available
Attack (Type)17 (Pierce)
Melee Armor0
Pierce Armor0
Speed0.96 TPS

Attack Rate

Creation Speed34s
Line of Sight9
Attack Bonuses

+10 Damage vs. Infantry

*Minimum 2 Damage to
Battering Ram (1 damage
to all other rams)

Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:



Hand Cannoneer

Aztecs, Britons, Celts, Chinese, Huns, Mayans, Mongols, Vikings


  • Gunpowder units created 20% faster (Team bonus)
  • Gunpowder units have 25% more HP

Britons: Created 20% faster (Team bonus)

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Technologies & Upgrades



Padded Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Feudal Age).

Leather Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Castle Age).

Ring Archer Armor: +1 melee and +2 pierce armor (Imperial Age).

Total melee and pierce armor: +3 melee and +4 pierce armor


Conscription: Increases non-siege military creation speed by 33% (Imperial Age)

Use in Combinations

Very effective vs Infantry units. Strong in mass, but need shield units.


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