The Galley Line of ships are used for most Naval battles. Starting as the meager Galley, upgrading to the War Galley, and finally the Galleon, they are capable of inflicting extensive damage on the sea. In mass, very little can stop them aside from an equal number of enemy Galley Line ships. Also very useful for harassing the enemy shoreline and fishing ships.

Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:





Aztecs: Military units created 15% faster.

Japanese: +50% LOS (Team Bonus)

Saracens: Galley Line fires 20% faster.

Vikings: War ships cost 20% less.

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War Galley


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Aztecs, Mongols, Turks, Saracens, Vikings

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Technologies & Upgrades


 Fletching: +1 attack and range (Feudal Age).

 Bodkin Arrow: +1 attack and range (Castle Age).

 Bracer: +1 attack and range (Imperial Age).

Total attack and range upgrade from the blacksmith: +3 attack and range


 Shipwright: Warships cost 20% less, created 35% faster (Imperial Age).

Careening: +1 Pierce Armor (Castle Age).

Dry Dock: Increases Ship speed by 15% (Imperial Age).


 Chemistry: +1 attack (Imperial Age).

 Ballistics: Provides accuracy for moving objects (Castle Age).



Use in Combinations

Primarily used on their own, Galley Line ships are strongest in mass.

Also useful in low numbers for destroying enemy fishing ships or scouting.




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