Mounted gunman with very high damage. Very good for raiding and very effective against all non ranged units especially when used with good micro. Good hitpoints for a gunpowder unit and you don't need to get chemistry to make them available unlike most gunpowder.


Ranged Unit
Age Available
Attack (Type)

18 (Pierce)

Melee Armour2
Pierce Armour2
Speed1 TPS

Attack Rate


Creation Time24s
Line of Sight8
Attack Bonuses

PT, +2 bld, minimum 6 damage Vs ram,

5 Vs Capped ram,

4 Vs Siege ram

Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:



Elite Conquistador 

All Civilizations except Spanish


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Technologies & Upgrades


 Bloodlines: +20 Hit Points for the Cavalry units (Feudal Age).

 Husbandry: +10% speed for the Cavalry units (Castle Age).


 Padded Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Feudal Age).

 Leather Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Castle Age).

 Ring Archer Armor: +1 melee and +2 pierce armor (Imperial Age).

Total melee and pierce armor+3 melee and +4 pierce armor


 Conscription: Non-siege military units created 33% faster (Imperial Age).

Use in Combinations

Provides ranged damage making it an excellent addition to any army composition, but it can fare just as well on its own.

Early game:

  • Scouts + Archers
  • Skirmishers + Archers


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