The purpose of Archer units is to provide ranged damage, allowing the player to harass an opponent early on and supply extensive fire power later in the game. Archer units decimate Spearman Line units, and thus make a powerful supporting unit for both Light and Heavy cavalry units. Archer units are relatively weak in small numbers, but become a force to be reckoned as they grow in number. Starting as basic Archers, they can be upgraded to Crossbowmen (Castle Age) and then to Arbalests (Imperial Age). The most effective counters are Skirmishers and Onagers. Archer units work very well with most unit combinations, and the ranged damage often marks the difference between victory and defeat.


Civilization Specific Features

Not available to:





Aztecs: Created 15% faster


  • +1 Range in Castle Age, +1 Range in Imperial Age (+2 Total)
  • Created 20% faster (Team bonus)

Mayans: Archers cost -10% Feudal, -20% Castle, -30% Imperial

Saracens: Foot Archers gain +1 Attack vs. Buildings (Team bonus)

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Celts, Franks, Goths, Huns, Persians, Spanish, Teutons, Turks

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Technologies & Upgrades

Archery Range

 Thumb Ring: 100% accuracy for stand-still objects and units (Castle Age).


Attack and Range:

Fletching: +1 attack and range (Feudal Age).

Bodkin Arrow: +1 attack and range (Castle Age).

Bracer: +1 attack and range (Imperial Age).

Total attack and range: +3 attack and range


Padded Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Feudal Age).

Leather Archer Armor: +1 melee and pierce armor (Castle Age).

Ring Archer Armor: +1 melee and +2 pierce armor (Imperial Age).

Total melee and pierce armor: +3 melee and +4 pierce armor


Chemistry: +1 attack (Imperial Age).

Ballistics: Provides accuracy for moving objects (Castle Age).


Conscription: Non-siege military units created 33% faster (Imperial Age).

Yeomen: Foot Archer range +1, Tower attack +2 (Britons, Imperial Age).

Use in Combinations

Provides ranged damage making it an excellent addition to any army composition, but it can fare just as well on its own.

Early game:

  • Scouts + Archers
  • Skirmishers + Archers


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